Rhinegold ‘Star Design Torrent’ Outdoor Rug

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Rhinegold Torrent Lightweight Outdoor Rug in Star Design. This lightweight outdoor rug is one of Rhinegolds best selling rugs with 600 denier breathable, ripstop, waterproof outer complete cotton lining and no polyfill it is perfect for wet days in warmer months. Or for warm horses who do not need padded rugs.

It has double chest straps, cross over surcingles, leg straps and tailguard with a front shoulder pleat to ease movement .

This rug is a great asset to any Ponies' wardrobe.

*Rhinegold tip : These lightweight rugs are great for layering over heavy Winter rugs in colder months as an extra layer they also dry out much quicker than thicker rugs on extremely wet days :)