Rhinegold Dressage Saddle

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Rhinegold has developed this technically excellent dressage saddle to add to the range, the expansion of which was inevitable due to the overwhelming demand for the products. This coincided with a personal desire to ride our own dressage horses in saddles which we could ride in continuously without our backs feeling the strain or reaching for the foam or gel pad to protect the horses from the same, so we had to do something different!

The starting point was a special tree, which was anotomically designed to distribute the weight uniquely and the design enables the panel to marry perfectly with the shape of the horses back. Horses respond in a short space of time to this kinder feeling. With it's comfort seat the rider's relief from lower back stress is obvious.

In order to service the trade in the most efficient way possible it was decided to produce the saddle in England where it is crafted by a team of elite master saddlers chosen for the quality of their work.

Each saddle is hand crafted from luxury leather and is a testament to the saddlers' art.