Rhinegold Crossover Bitless Bridle With Anatomical Headpiece

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This bridle is made from the finest German Leather and offers a Bitless solution to riding. More people are looking to ride in a more natural method without the use of a Bit to control the horse.

This particular bridle works with all over head pressure with the straps crossing under the jaw. The anatomically shaped headpiece is all in one and fully padded with soft leather so there is minimal pressure on the Poll. Favoured by long distance riders, these Bitless bridles are also perfect for training new riders without the risk of pulling the Horse in the mouth. They are also a wonderful tool for starting young Horses under the saddle as it allows them to focus on learning the aids instead of worrying about the strange new feeling in their mouth from a bit.

Many competition riders are training at home in a Bitless bridle so that the Horse is more relaxed and ‘in tune’ with the Rider.

This Bitless bridle is unique in having the option of a flash strap to give more control if needed. This will aid with 'braking' or can be removed, .

  • Offers a Bitless solution to riding
  • Supplied with close contact feel Supergrip reins