Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Liquid 5L

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Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Supplement is a nutritional aid to support the feet in horses prone to Laminitis.  As a liver tonic Laminitis Prone helps horses digest their food better and supports the liver in its function of detoxifying the body.

Almost all laminitis is caused by incomplete digestion of food in the hind gut and it is this poor digestion which results in the release of acids and toxins into the blood, damaging the blood vessels that supply the sensitive laminae in the feet.

  • Nutritional Aid to Support the Feet
  • For Horse & Ponies Prone to Laminitis
  • Natural, Herbal Liver Tonic
  • Reduces Acids & Toxins in the Blood
  • Helps Prevent Damage to Laminae
  • Fast Acting Liquid Formula

Feeding Guide
Can be used throughout the year. Start feeding Laminitis Prone at a high level of 25mls twice daily for an average horse. In severe situations maintain at this level until horses are more comfortable. When the risk of grass is high feed Laminitis Prone at a level of 10-15mls twice daily routinely. In less dangerous situations maintenance at 5mls twice daily is sufficient.