Global Herbs Alphabute Super 250g

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Alphabute Super can be used as a quick acting soothing formula.  It is particularly useful after your horse has been in difficulty for a number of months, but is not a substitute for the careful attention of your vet.

  • For maintaining  joints and soundness in the long or short term.
  • Whenever your horse is restless in the muscles or tendons.
  • For backs
  • For all laminae
  • After a fall to support recovery.
  • After hard exercise to support recovery.
  • Routinely after heavy road work.
  • In conjunction with Movefree or Glucosamine products.

1 - 3  x 10ml scoops twice daily for a 500kg horse

Highest quality Indian Frankincense, Stevia, Winter Cherry, Guduchi Vine, Turmeric